Tips for Preparing for Your Portrait Session

Choosing an outfit is an important part of preparing for the session and the right outfit can take your photos from good to great. Here are my thoughts on choosing an outfit:

  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable or self-conscious, it will show in the photos. 
  • The outfit should fit well. 
  • Ensure it is ironed and lint free.
  • Chose colors that are bright and will pop and compliment your skin tone. Think primary colors along with greens, purples and oranges. Stay away from stark white unless it is under a blazer or has a lot of texture. 
  • Think about layers [blazers, necklaces, vests etc], they photograph well and can provide variety in the photos as the layers are removed.
  • Textures add interest, think sequins, flowers, scarves, sweaters, leather jackets etc]

Nails - Nails do not have to be polished but should definitely neat & clean.

Hair & Makeup - I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done. It brings together a polished look. In addition, that is one thing you don't have to think about and be stressed about.

Skin - Moisturize well arms and legs that are not covered by clothing.

Feel free to discuss your outfit with us prior to your session to ensure we can pair your outfit with the right location.