Soulful Portraits: Roland by traci A delisser


I seldom photograph men but when I do its a delight.

I randomly reached out to a IG friend, Roland, and asked him if he would sit for me and he pushed way out of his comfort zone and agreed. I am glad he did.

We talked parenting, philly beards, life and connected during our session.

He was taken aback at the photos and I love that… showing others how I see them.

Ray & Caitlin: A Race Street Pier Wedding by traci A delisser


Its always an honor when I friend hires you but even more humbling when they hire you to shoot their daughter’s wedding.

In an intimate gathering on Race Street Pier two days before Christmas Ray & Caitlin shared their personal vows to each other and got married.

Brunch at La Peg across from the Pier followed the short ceremony.

Soulful Portraits - Natalie by traci A delisser

It is always great when someone trusts you a second time to agree to sit before you, be vulnerable and allow you to test studio light. 

Love these images I made with Natalie 3 weeks ago. 

Runaway Series with Shauna by traci A delisser

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I did my 3rd installment of my Runaway Series at Lokal’s new Fishtown location. It not yet open however one unit is completed and boy is it gorgeous. They do have a knack for creating great inviting spaces.

Model: Shauna