Soulful Portraits: Denise by traci A delisser


Growing up, my sister and I fought like a cat and dog! No joke, it was a constant quiet power struggle in our house, her seeking to be the “mother” of me and me (the younger one), resisting hard.

She slammed the door in my fingers, breaking one unintentionally; I slapped her back (you know the stinging type) while she sat unaware watching tv. She would walk past me at high school and not acknowledge my existence and I would pretend that I was fine with that.

But when we became adults, living in different countries, we became friends. We still can’t live together (the urge to mother and boss around still exists), but we have become best friends.

I recently took some portraits of my sister and I am proud of the woman she has become as reflected in these soulful photos. I thought I would share a few here.

You can follow Denise on Instagram at DeniseEliz, there she shares her fitness journey and love for fashion and makeup.

The Start of My Photography Journey by traci A delisser


This little girl came into my life one cold December day in 2011 and boy she has sparked some many evolutions of myself and so many questions.

My mother always told me, when I complained about not loving my job back in my 20’s and feeling that I had no purpose, that nothing gives you a sense of purpose as when you have a kid. I think she was partly right as it relates to me as being a mother has made me question my life even more than I ever expected.

But motherhood has brought me a different way of seeing the world visually. I yearned to capture Ari in a way that would capture her essence as I saw it and all the photo sessions we did with various photographers didn’t seem to do her justice. So I got a DSLR, watched youtube, bought a whole bunch of books and attended a few workshops and learned to use the cameral on manual mode, worked on composition, begged people to let me take their photos for practice and luckily, Ari was a willing subject. I realized that I love moody photographs over light and airy - It seems to represent all the questions I had inside of me and how I view life. Light and happy moments filled with love yet mixed with questions, doubt and fear.

Now photographing others is a business. One that would not be possible if I didn’t follow the nudge to learn.

Are there any nudges prodding you today? Follow them, you never know what beauty lies down the road.


Soulful Portraits: Roland by traci A delisser


I seldom photograph men but when I do its a delight.

I randomly reached out to a IG friend, Roland, and asked him if he would sit for me and he pushed way out of his comfort zone and agreed. I am glad he did.

We talked parenting, philly beards, life and connected during our session.

He was taken aback at the photos and I love that… showing others how I see them.

Ray & Caitlin: A Race Street Pier Wedding by traci A delisser


Its always an honor when I friend hires you but even more humbling when they hire you to shoot their daughter’s wedding.

In an intimate gathering on Race Street Pier two days before Christmas Ray & Caitlin shared their personal vows to each other and got married.

Brunch at La Peg across from the Pier followed the short ceremony.