Calm Confidence: Cameron

"Every moment presents us with a choice:
Do this or that?
React this way or that way?
Believe this or that?
You aren’t a victim of life. The choice is yours: what do YOU want your life to look like?"

-Cameron Simcik


Cameron Simcik is a confident a life coach with a calm presence and joy in her laugh. Our shoot was full of laughter and deep conversation, my ideal. 

"I think the small moments of joy are where the really beautiful, juicy parts of life live.

Listening to a loved one laughing
Having coffee with a friend
People watching on a park bench
Having a solo dance party in your kitchen

Joy creates ease,  it creates flow, it creates perspective —

that life doesn’t always have to be so serious".

Cameron helps women tap into, trust and take action on their powerful inner wisdom. Focusing on infusing life with joy, flow and laughter.

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