Soulful Lifestyle Portraits - Brandi

As I mentioned in my Personal Branding The Soulful Way post earlier this month, I love photos that reflect my client’s lifestyle and values. A few months ago, I took some photos of my friend Brandi of Brandeye Home at her home and around her camper, Lucille Jean. Brandi loves all things home decor, flowers & plants and trips with her husband in their camper so I tried to capture a bit of who she is. A select few are below.

Lifestyle Branding Photos with Jenny

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with Jenny Friedman, a dietitian focused on kids with autism. Please check out her instagram feed where she shares tips and tricks for getting kids to try new foods and nutrition tips for kids on the autism spectrum.

Jenny’s soulful way of being and love for food was inspiring and I had to share some of the great photos we captured that day.