Calm Confidence: GG Renee Hill

I have started a portrait series showcasing women who are leading with calm confidence. Women who take daily steps of faith to intentionally experience life on their terms. Women who quietly inspire. 


First up is GG Renee Hill

GG has been inspiring me for several  years with her words and vulnerability on her blog, All The Many Layers. She encourages her readers to follow her lead by digging deep, peeling back the many layers of their lives and be honest. 

"If you know me, I may have looked you in your face and lied to you at some point or another... Most people didn't want my truth.  They only wanted to hear things that made them feel comfortable.  I saw telling the truth lead to disapproval, punishment, sadness, anger.   So I lied to keep the peace.  I lied to protect people's feelings. I lied to make myself seem bigger or to make myself seem smaller.  Whatever the situation called for.   Most of all, I lied to guard my secrets and insecurities." - GG Renee

Vulnerable and raw.

In 2013 she took a big leap of faith, resigned her "safe" finance job and became a full time writer. Now she creates books, writing courses and experiences fostering self discovery and expression. One of her mottos is that 'self-discovery and creativity go hand in hand. Explore yourself.  Express what you find.' 

She loves what she does and if you connect with her, she will have you reaching into the deep recesses of your heart and sharing things that you have never spoken. 

"Its not that you don't have any ideas, its that you think they aren't good enough. Don't stifle yourself. Try things, Learn. Keep going." - GG Renee

For a big dose of authenticity and inspiration, visit GG on Instagram, Twitter and on her website.