Happy New Year

When we were South Florida over Christmas, we were in traffic at a stop light. The light turned green but the traffic did not move. We suddenly saw people jump out of cars in front of us and rush ahead. For a minute we wondered if someone was ill or if an accident occurred as we could not see what was happening ahead. We then realized that a van had broken down in the middle of this 3 lane road. No one honked their horns, no one screamed at the driver to get his van out of the road. At least 5  persons happily got out of their cars and helped the driver push the van out of the road and into a strip center. 

I am not sure if it was the Christmas spirit, but I hope 2018 brings more evidence of community spirit and hope.   


As the new year has started off so cold and snowy, here is some warmth via photos taken on a Caribbean Cruise we took last year.