Soulful Portraits: Denise / by traci A delisser


Growing up, my sister and I fought like a cat and dog! No joke, it was a constant quiet power struggle in our house, her seeking to be the “mother” of me and me (the younger one), resisting hard.

She slammed the door in my fingers, breaking one unintentionally; I slapped her back (you know the stinging type) while she sat unaware watching tv. She would walk past me at high school and not acknowledge my existence and I would pretend that I was fine with that.

But when we became adults, living in different countries, we became friends. We still can’t live together (the urge to mother and boss around still exists), but we have become best friends.

I recently took some portraits of my sister and I am proud of the woman she has become as reflected in these soulful photos. I thought I would share a few here.

You can follow Denise on Instagram at DeniseEliz, there she shares her fitness journey and love for fashion and makeup.