Gallery Walls on the Cheap | Fort Washington Portrait & Branding Photographer

For years I wanted to put up gallery walls but ended up with lots of nail holes in walls and crooked pictures. I eventually gave up.

However recently I swapped services with Michelle, a professional organizer, [ You can see my blog post on her session HERE ] and she came by my home and helped me put up 2 galleries in under an hour. Effortlessly.

Gallery 1 - A wall of Children Art Work

woman putting up Frames; gallery wall; kids artwork gallery, dollar store frames

I have so many art work from my daughters pre-school and kindergarten days so I chose a few to keep and using these frames from the Dollar Tree and command strips, created a gallery wall in my daughter’s play area in the dining room.

I am happy with how they turned out and like the fact I can easily switch out the art work periodically and add more frames to the gallery over time.

kids artwork gallery wall

Gallery 2 - A Family Gallery Wall

Gallery hanging at the top of stairs; putting up family gallery wall; professional organizer; family gallery wall

I had various family photos all over the house, on walls, on tables and some in the closet. We put them all together in this Family Gallery Wall at the top of the stairs and I love the fact that it is random frames and layout. Like most families, ours is not uniformed and alike and this is a great representation of this.

Again we used command strips making moving the frames easy and saving my walls from more holes.

This is a great reason to print your photos and displaying them.

family gallery wall

If you need help with gallery walls or organizing your home or life, Michelle is your girl.