Podcast Recommendations for the Business Builder

I love podcasts and they keep me company most days as they are perfect for multitasking. I'm sharing several below if you are looking to add to your playlist.

Podcasts on Branding/Marketing/Business 

Story Brand | Myleik The Lifestyle Edit | This Is Success | How I Built This | Online Marketing Made Easy | Side Hustle Pro | The Goal Digger Podcast | Marie Forleo | Masters of Scale | Going Through It 

Podcasts for Creatives & Life Conversations

ConvergeThe Call | Chase Jarvis Show | Good Life ProjectDeath Sex & Money | Do it For the Process | Oprah's Master Class | The Empowered Creative | Uncorked with Natalie Dean | The Slowdown | On Being | Mother Maker

Podcasts on Self Care 

Hey, Girl 

Podcasts for Mind Shifts 

Becoming Wise | Super Soul Conversations | The Life Coach SchoolMind Your Business | The Lively ShowWrite Life  

Podcasts for Your 9-5 job 

Safe for Work

Podcasts on Money 

Her Money

Podcasts for Escape & Stories   

Crime Junkie | Criminal | | Passing Through | This is Love | The Drop OutThe Way I heard ItWhere Should We Begin | Kind World | Over My Dead Body | Terrible Thanks for Asking | The Moth  | Beyond the Secret 

FYI - I plan to add this list to a resources section of my website. If there is a podcast you love and would recommend, please comment below and I will add it to the list.