Runaway Series with Shauna

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I did my 3rd installment of my Runaway Series at Lokal’s new Fishtown location. It not yet open however one unit is completed and boy is it gorgeous. They do have a knack for creating great inviting spaces.

Model: Shauna 

Runaway Series - Morgan

This is the 2nd in my "Runaway Series" [you can see photos from the first HERE] which mixes my love for thrifted wedding dresses and my belief that sometimes you have to leave what doesn't serve you to find yourself - Runaway to yourself.

The term running away is seen as negative, but like most things, it can also be positive. You have to leave in order to arrive. Changing paths, letting go of  circumstances or saying goodbye to someone. And doing it swiftly & without apology. It can be a symbol of strength. But done kindly; Always kindly

Model: Morgan

Runaway Series

"Where is the groom?" inquired train conductors, passengers and people on the street 2 Sundays ago when Lia and I set out to capture her in an old thrifted wedding dress at 30th Street Station. 

We sought to capture this concept of the lonely bride within the early morning shadows of the station's platforms. I think we achieved this along with some light and breezy photos at City Hall.

I am starting a new runaway series combining my love for shopping for thrift wedding dress with creative photography. If you want to be a part of the series, send me an email; no modeling experience necessary.